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2019-2020 Season (Portland, OR)

March 14-15, Saturday & Sunday, 7:30PM

The American Promise

Presented by Big Mouth Society

Following the success of such innovative programs as Radical Softness, The Glorious Cuntata, Made in America, and Sirens, Interrupted!, BMS is pleased to present the critically acclaimed chamber ensemble, The Broken Consort, to create the world-premiere performance of The American Promise, a logical and timely sequel to our Made in America program.

What did George Washington hope for when he signed the founding documents? What did migrants from all around the world seek in this “promised land”? What did our soldiers fight for in various wars? How did these hopes and promises evolve and change over time, taking us to our current moment? Promises are worth crossing the Rio Grande for, but they are also so fragile and breakable.

TBC tracks the rise, fall, and evolution of American ideals and promises of the last 250 years, using materials from concerted music, folk music, popular music, poetry, newspaper articles, iconography, and live improvisation. Our historically informed musical experts will be performing on handmade instruments from the baroque, classical, and modern periods from all around the USA.

In a time of chaos and despair, we hope to offer a thoughtful review, and a hopeful path forward. Please join us in this project to think deeply, act kindly, and change bravely.


Niccolo Seligmann, viola da gamba, dulcimer, fiddles, and more

Julie Bosworth, voice and fiddle

Emily Lau, voice and percussion

Peter Lim, harpsichord, oboe, recorders

October 12 Sunday, 2015
Arizona Early Music Society
"Burgos, 1275"
Grace St. Paul
3 p.m.
Tucson, AZ
October 13 Monday, 2015
Temple Emanu-El
Interfaith Lecture-Recital
7 p.m.
Tucson, AZ
October 14 Tuesday, 2015
The Academy Village
"Burgos, 1275"
The Academy Village,
Tucson, AZ
11:30 a.m.
Cultural Outreach to Nogales, Sonora
Nogales, Mexico
October 17 Friday, 2015
Music @ 501
"The Essential Broken Consort"
Trinity Episcopal Church
Tulsa, OK
October 18 Saturday, 2015
Workshop with AGO musicians
Tulsa, OK
October 19 Sunday, 2015
Early Music for Church Services
Trinity Episcopal Church
Tulsa, OK
November 9 Wednesday, 2015
"Songs of Chivalry and Courtly Love"
Featuring Christopher Preston Thomspon & Peter Walker
Cronton Public Library
Cronton, NY
January 12-14 2015
Creative Retreat
Youthsquake Studios,
Janurary 15 2015
"POP", unplugged
Featuring Maggie Finnagen, Christopher Preston Thompson,
Niccolo Seligmann, and Brian Kay
The Cornelia Street Cafe
6 P.M.




May 31 2014
Provincetown, MA
20 Summers
"Rich and Strange" 
In collaboration with Arneis Quartet
February 21 - 22 2014
Cambridge, MA
"Half Empty": A Post-Valentine's Concert
January 17 2014
Houston, TX
Houston Early Music Society
"3Ms: Muses, Modes, and Magic!"
November 14 2013
New York City, NY
Gotham Early Music 
"Burgos, 1275"
September 6 -7 2013
Cambridge, MA
"3Ms: Muses, Modes, and Magic!"
In collaboration with 1000 Virtues Dance Company
June 11 2013
Boston, MA
Jam Party
April 14 2013
Atlanta, GA
Concert and Workshop
March 8 2013
Cleveland, OH
Cathedral Concert Series
February 2-3 2013
Phoenix and Tucson, AZ
Arizona Early Music Society
Phoenix Early Music Society
Arizona State University
"Walking with the Giants"
September 10-15 2013
Miami, FL
Artist-in-Residence of the Cushman School
September 5 -6 2013
Boston, MA
"Walking with the Giants"



"Made in America"


May 4 (Wednesday) 2016

New York City, NY

Church of the Transfiguration




May 5 (Thursday) 2016

New York City, NY

Gotham Early Music Midtown Series

St. Bart's


Free will offering


May 6 (Friday) 2016

Baltimore, MD

St. David's Concert Series

St David's Episocpal Church


Tickts at door, $15+


October 2 2015


Presented by St. David's First Friday Concert Series as Ensemble-in-Residence


"POP! Unplugged"




4700 Roland Ave

Baltimore, MD 


Februrary 1-7 2015


Presented by Arizona Early Music Society


Tucson Desert Song Festival


"Made in America"

5 February 2016 | Friday 7:00 p.m Holsclaw Hall, University of Arizona 

Tucson, AZ


6 February 2015 | Saturday 7:00 p.m

First United Methodist Church

Phoenix, AZ

7 February 2016 | Sunday 3:00 p.m.

Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,

2331 E. Adams St.

Tucson, Arizona


Ticket and info:






2017-2018 Home Season (Portland, OR)

July 29th, Saturday, 4PM

@ Holocene

Big Mouth Society's Annual Rainbow Soiree 

*World Premiere of 

Radical Softness & The Glorious Cuntata

September 28th, Thursday, 3PM @ All Classical Portland

Thursdays @ Three live Broadcast 

September 30th, Saturday, 7:30PM @ Nordia House

October 1st, 2PM @ Hallowed Halls

Presented by Big Mouth Society

"Made in America":

Tracing American Musical Idioms through the early 1900s

March 3rd, Saturday, 7:30PM @ NW Dance Project

March 4th, Sunday, 2PM @ Hallowed Halls

Presented by Big Mouth Society

Sirens, Interrupted!

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