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Touring Programs

Burgos, 1275:  La Conviviencia

"Arranged so cannily and performed so well" - Cleveland Classical Review

Music and poetry from the Las Huelgas Royal Convent and the Cantigas de Santa Maria as well as Andalusian-Sephardic and Andalusian-Arabic tunes sung in the original languages and played on exotic period instruments. Wild improvisations, paired with intricate and virtuosic polyphony, create a soundscape that is both 13th c. Iberian and thoroughly modern. (6-7 musicians)
"We can't tell you how much the audience loved your "Burgos 1275" program here at Academy Village.  People were thanking us for bringing you here for days afterwards.  They loved your art, your creativity, your engagement, your enthusiasm, your talents -- we could go on.  Many of them didn't know what to expect and they were simply blown away. " - audience member/presenter





Listening samples from recent live performances

Quantas Sabedes, Martim Codax, Cantigas de Amigo

Al Kanef Ya Halu, Arabic

Dos Amantes, Traditional Sephardic

Alborada Gallega, Gallecian Tune

3Ms: Modes, Muses, and Magic!


"Conviction, good sound, passion..." - Boston Musical Intelligencer


The Broken Consort explores the communicative power of mixed chamber ensemble in this diverse program with music spanning from the 13th century to those of living composers. Guided by concept of modes, muses, and magic, TBC goes through each century with a full gamut of voices (SSATB) and instruments (harp, lute, vielle, gamba, percussion). Like almost all other TBC programs, each musician takes turns as shining soloists and supportive ensemble members in different combinations, realizing the meaning of a "broken consort". We enjoy collaborating with dancers, theater professionals, and other ensembles in this program. (7 musicians)




Mater, Patris, et Filia, Antoine Brumel

Isabella, 14th c. anon

Los Bilbilicos, Sephardic, arr. Emily Lau

Walking with the Giants:

Colors of the Italian Trecento

"Early music turned early magic." - Boston Musical Intelligencer



TBC celebrates the creative genius of 14th-century Italy (the Trecento) — the world of Dante, Petrarch, Giotto, and Landini — with this innovative program.  The heightened emotionality, harmonic sonorities, and freedom of interpretation of this repertory create a unique musical language, surprisingly not unlike newly-composed modern works. (6 musicians)


Note to presenters: this program can be semi-staged with lighting design and shadow-play.


Se Merce, Francesco Landini

Kyrie, Francesco Landini

Saltarello IV, 14th c. anon.

Partesi con dolore, Francesco Landini

Made in America: 

A Portrait of American Born Musical Idioms Through the Early 1900s


"Total triumph" - Arizona Early Music Society


TBC presents a program with early music from the Americas, reaching beyond its early origins to survey archetypically American musical idioms that embody the music which is Made In America.


        Exploring American music from its genesis - indigenous tribal music - TBC will devote a portion of the program that depicts the earliest known roots of American music. Moving forward into the time of European colonization, the ensemble will present Early music from North, Central, and South American traditions, delving into sacred and secular monophony, along with music from New England Puritans and Pilgrims, Sacred Harp music and Shape-note songs, American folk music and bawdy songs, and polyphonic music by composers such as William Billings and Justin Morgan.


        By presenting music from various phases of the American heritage, both before and after colonization, TBC illuminates the interconnectedness of communities from various times and cultures, relating the human condition of the people of America past and present.





Letania, Anon., 17th c. Bolivian 

Wichita Baptist Hymn

Educational and community outreach

We are passionate about spreading the love of early music, new music, ensemble music-making, and creative expression. The majority of TBC musicians hold advanced degrees in early music and music performance, many are also experienced teachers with training in Dalcroze, Orff-Schulwerk, and Kodaly methods.


Here are some institutions TBC has worked with in the past few years:



Harvard University - lecture and demonstration in medieval music and Renaissance polyphony

American Guild of Organists - lecture and workshop on early music programming

Cushman School - Week-long Artists-in-Residence Program for 7th and 8th graders

Temple Isra-El - Interfaith lecture/recital

Sahuaro High School - Demonstration and discussion of American music

Boston Arts Academy - Three-hour introductory workshop in early music and cross-genre improvisation

Tucson University High - Demonstration for high school orchestra and choir

Arizona State University - masterclass for undergraduate and graduate students 

Plymouth County Correctional System - 6 and 8 week-long music and movement outreach for inmates

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer - community workshop for Renaissance ensemble singing technique

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