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We are grateful.

We have so many people to thank.

Our volunteer ushers and front-of-house personnel who always enthusiastically welcome audience into our space. Thank you.

Our audio engineer Daniel Babai. Thank you.


Our volunteer photographers Patrica Almond, Mike McCarthy, and Anicet Heller. Thank you.


Our poster-designer, lighting designer, and technology master Benji Smith. Thank you.


Our ridiculously supportive husbands, wives, parents, and significant others. Thank you.


Our operation coordinator, Janaya Hamilton. Thank you.


Our volunteer videotographer, John Thordarson. Thank you.


Our writer and future collaborator, Laura Osterlund. Thank you. Good luck in South Africa!


Our stage director for 3Ms, Giselle Ty. Thank you.


To Patty Van Ness, Doug Buchanan, and Lautaro Mantilla who are writing exciting new music for us. Thank you.


For venues, presenters, and friends who graciously take us into your space. Thank you.


To all the host families who welcome us into their homes when we are on tour. Thank you.


To all those who spiritually and financially support our endeavors. Thank you.




For everyone who share themselves generously. Thank you.






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